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Driving On The Right – Life Starts Here

(Bravestar) UK release date: 14 November 2005

Driving On The Right - Life Starts Here Ah, the Senseless Things. One of the finest bands this fair isle ever did produceth, although there were precious few souls at the start of the ’90s who realised it.

The members of Driving On The Right, however, are clearly in the knowing minority, given that their band is named after the D-side (yes, D-side) to the Things’ 1993 single Christine Keeler, and that they are touring partners to The Lams – the current band of Things’ frontman Mark Hammerton.

In fact, even if Driving On The Right were utterly crap, I’d be tempted to declare that their laudable attempts to raise the profile of Twickenham’s finest alternative rockers would be reason enough to justify their existence.

Thankfully, Driving On The Right aren’t crap, though – unsurprisingly – they’ve got some way to go before they match the dizzy heights of their heroes.

This six-track, 20-minute mini-album holds interest courtesy of the raw, power pop of Just Listen; the grooving, Steve Albini-influenced riffage of We Need A Translator; the anthemic, stop-start dynamics of Charm Offensive; and the aggressive but tuneful indie-rock of the title track.

They lose their way in the middle with the conventional, slightly anonymous Technician and Take Aim, but there’s enough quality to suggest that there could be a promising musical career – as well as Life – that Starts Here.

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Driving On The Right – Life Starts Here