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Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio – Love Is The Answer

(Ninjatune) UK release date: 11 July 2005

John Coltrane makes an immediate appearance on this intensely spiritual record from Dwight Trible. A Love Supreme is intoned in the improvisatory opening, a chance to stand back and take in the Los Angeles based singer and his extraordinary voice.

This voice is clearly no conventional instrument. Rich and sonorous,Trible somehow sings in a uniquely reserved fashion on record yet not compromising on feeling. Quite the contrary, as this soulful treat seems intent on bringing peace and unity to all – in huge amounts!

Love is indeed the answer where Trible and his Life Force trio are concerned, but in his depiction of this several producers and rappers areenlisted. Of greatest importance is the writing contribution of Carlos Nino, one half of Ninja colleagues Ammoncontact. He was also able to recruit the array of production talent assembled for this record, with several Californian vagaries of soul, hip hop and jazz keen to be involved. First up, possibly the biggest catch Sa-Ra, their traditional loping synthesizer lines adding much to Equipoise, a truly unusual sound when teamed with Trible’s voice, which sometimes sounds as if it’s been filtered backwards in the mix. The group also produce The10th Jewel in a similar fashion. The softly uplifting Freedom Dance withDexter Story is a treat, the dance a pretty relaxed affair itwould seem but the sentiment coming through. Madlib‘s contribution to Waves Of Infinite Harmony is an unconventional rap, but a further reference to A Love Supreme returns the album to its reverential state.

Trible hovers close to sentimentality in Is Music, using a choice pattern of phrases to state, “love is music, life is music”, going roundand round in circles. Far more moving is the album’s title track, the meaningful lyric “love is the answer, to the question, how do wechange the world?” Again he demonstrates his knack for pertinent lyrics on The 10th Jewel, where the mantra reads, “peace, unity, love, and havin’fun”. It’s Trible’s blueprint for life – follow this and you Won’t be disappointed, such is the album’s uplifting power.

Trible uses predominantly light hip hop rhythms as the basis for which to dispense his message, but again and again the album comes back to thatamazing voice. Harnessing its obvious power was the key to this record, and it makes for a spiritually cleansing high, the world feeling like a betterlace when it has ended.

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Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio – Love Is The Answer