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Erase Errata – At Crystal Palace

(Blast First) UK release date: 15 September 2003

Erase Errata - At Crystal Palace

“At times the band all appear to be playing different songs, the rebirth!” says a fan of Erase Errata of their first album, Other Animals – about to be re-released on Blast First in conjunction with the new one, At Crystal Palace.

Now I had thought the same on listening to the latter, but the difference between that fan and me is that he thinks it’s a good thing. I’m old fashioned that way – sorry. The mixture of post-punk, no-wave, free-jazz and dance sounds great but the reality, at least in this incarnation, is cacophony.

If you like having your ears slashed by razor wire and lyrics barked at you by the female equivalent of a sadistic Sergeant Major you will probably love this Californian no-wave girl band (I’m sure Jenny Hoysten is a lovely person really).

I was surprised to read there is a bassist in the band – Ellie Erickson – as I had been thinking that maybe a bit of bass would improve the sound. Turn it up, Ellie – we can’t hear you at the back.

Guitarist Sara Jaffe and drummer Bianca Sparta make up the rest of Erase Errata. You have to hand it to them that they can come up with such creative titles for a bunch of tracks that all sound the same. Uh-oh, I just turned into my parents. Time for a lie-down.

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Erase Errata – At Crystal Palace