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Etienne de Crecy – Tempovision

(XL) UK release date: 23 October 2000

Etienne de Crecy - Tempovision Having released only a smattering of records under his own name and worked under pseudonyms (Minos and Motorbass), one could be forgiven for thinking that Etienne De Crecy loves his anonymity and prefers to let his music do the talking. Even the website references feature none on the artist but one on the album (

With this in mind, we rush straight for the plain-Jane white album, on which is a name that looks too like Terrorvision and a black sticker announcing the composer’s name, seemingly as an afterthought. De Crecy, who is one-third of Disques Solid, the label responsible for unleashing Air and Alex Gopher on an unsuspecting world, also has an excellent reputation as a producer and as an engineer; one can’t help but feel that he is uncomfortable with the limelight. The label ‘Parisian house guru’ is clearly justified; but you’d be unlikely to recognise him in the street.

All of this makes Tempovision rather a surprise, for really on the whole it is chill-out room material, full of time signature changes (When Jack Met Jill) and random relaxing rhythms (Noname). Am I Wrong is the exception to the rule here, demanding to appear on every self-respecting DJ’s roster for at least the next month, full of flangey synth, a riotous beat, diva-esque backing vocals and funky bass.

For the rest of the album, lie back in a comfy bed, pull up the duvet against the impending winter chill, switch off the lights and let your mind switch off. It is in such an environment that Tempovision comes across best.

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