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Ewan Pearson – Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Vol. One

(Soma) UK release date: 3 October 2005

Ewan Pearson - Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Vol. One

Glasgow’s Soma Recordings look set to emulate the success of Fabric’s regular DJ mixes with the first in a series of DJs attacking their back-catalogue of eclectic house music.

The series aims to be a “sonic snapshot” of the label which began 14 years ago. The first DJ to be given full reign over the decks is Ewan Pearson. A regular remixer for the likes of Moby, Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp this is the first time Pearson has attempted a mix album.

Now relocated to Germany, Pearson seems naturally drawn to European electro. There’s shed loads of it here, providing a distinctive, though slightly repetitive sound.

The mix claims to capture perfectly Pearson’s regular DJ nights. The man himself says that “All the tracks have been thoroughly road-tested by me; rather than just try and get the most recent and up-to-date things I could”, an aim which is certainly laudable in a genre often dictated by chart-based pap or the latest trends.

Unfortunately the disc does take a while to warm up and threatens to launch into vulgar campery early on with Husky Rescue‘s Summertime Cowboy – a track which wouldn’t seem out of place on a Chippendale’s iPod (When you hear it you know exactly what I mean).

There’s some highlights in the form of Brazilian Girls with Don’t Stop and Sold Out‘s curiously titled I Don’t Want to Have Sex with you but it all feels too little too late amongst some naff plinky-plonky filler tracks.

This doesn’t really lend itself to the home listening experience and is better played loud at a club than listening to at home. In fact, the louder I played it the more I began to appreciate it. But ultimately I want a CD I can listen to anywhere rather than at a house party full of sweaty guests.

All in all it’s a good effort, but there’s little here to distinguish this from the herd. That being said, the Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi series should be one to watch. Soma’s plan to give DJs complete control should yield some fruitful results.

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Ewan Pearson – Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Vol. One