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Feeder – The Singles

(Echo) UK release date: 15 May 2006

Feeder’s story is one of resilience, a qualityfully demonstrated in their music throughout theircareer, which unbelievably is now over a decade long.True, they may not push the boundaries in quite thesame way their early efforts Polythene and YesterdayWent Too Soon suggested they might, but in settingcourse for the heart of UK radio they have burnedtheir songs into the consciousness of many alistener.

Feeder’s winning combination seems to have been adrawer full of good hooks and pop tunes, enhanced bysinger Grant Nicholas and a vocal delivery thatfreely emotes. And despite the obstacles that havebeen placed before them, the band have comfortablyoutlasted many of their contemporaries.

Feeder have been in the public eye for five yearsnow, and despite a few good early singles Buck Rogerswas the record to cross them over, an upfront trackthat builds on the promise of the worthy, blusteryrock of tracks such as Insomnia. Since then the melodycount has been high, a consistently strong element ofthe bands songs, but more recently they have alsobrought more emotion into their songwriting. It’s easyto pinpoint this down to the sadly absent drummerJon Lee, and it proves difficult to listen to Just The Way I’m Feeling or Forget AboutTomorrow without thinking of him.

What Singles does show is that lately Feeder trackstend to fall into two categories pop metal to blowaway the cobwebs, as typified by most recent releaseLost & Found, or the moody ballad that stares intospace, lost in thought. The former works best, withNicholas displaying plenty of raw energy, hisinstantly recognisable tones comfortably outsmartingthe guitars a big sound for just three people. Toomuch more of the latter, however, and Feeder may be indanger of starting to sound formulaic.

Still, their recent stuff has an assurance thatsits well, a solidly rocking stance with Come BackAround and Just A Day obvious examples. It will beinteresting to chart where they go from hereit’s all very well saying if it ain’t broke, don’tfix it, but you get the feeling there is enoughcreative energy between the three not to fall intothat trap. For the meantime we can admire theirspirit, and enjoy their spirited pop rock with thewindows wide open.

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