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Ferry Corsten – Right Of Way

UK release date: 23 February 2004

One of the prominent sounds indance music at the moment is Dutch trance. Now as theDutch are quite hot on their cheese you’d think that’sa dodgy combination, but rest assured it isn’t -Ferry Corsten, along with DJ Tiesto andArmin Van Buuren, is heading a scene of qualitymusic, towering riffs and driving bass lines.

Corsten has a lot of previous,too – in 1999 his Out Of The Blue track, under theSystem F moniker, rocked many a dancefloor. He managedto follow this up effectively with the moreintrospective Cry, whilst securing remix duties forMoby and William Orbit.

Right Of Way is his first fulllength release on Positiva, and whilst a long album itcontains some excellent, full-on trance tunes – theobvious example being the pumping single Rock You BodyRock, the vocoder sample a treat and the main tunesounding like a highway dash on an arcade game.

Whatmakes Corsten’s record satisfying is the lack offillers, for Right Of Way is a driving hands in theair tune, Whatever! is a curious electro beast withsome unusual lyrics and a big, big bass line, andHolding On revisits the 303 sound of the early ’90s,paying a bit of homage to Corsten’s remix of AdagioFor Strings along the way.

Unfortunately the two down-tempotracks, although they work in the sense that thedriving tempo is broken, are woolly at best. SweetSorrow ends up as a melancholy, rather sugary plodder,and Skindeep fares little better. The closing In MyDreams reminded me of Way Out West‘s classicThe Gift, that is until the lyric kicked in: “I havea vision of two people fusing.” Dare I say it, a bitof a short fuse!

Enough of the negatives, though,as it’s clear Corsten’s more at ease on the floor andhas plenty of weapons at his disposal, while not being afraid todelve into breakbeat and electro now and then. Thisworks really well on songs like It’s Time where heplays around with the rhythm a bit, and the lyricaltongue-twister that is Show Your Style.

Good trance albums don’t comealong very often, so this one deserves to be snappedup at the earliest opportunity. Not only that, butunusually for a dance album it gets better with everylisten. Not much Edam here!

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