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Forever Until October – Forever Until October

(Copro) UK release date: 6 October 2003

Forever Until October - Forever Until October To describe in 400 or so words whether or not post-hardcore quintet Forever Until October merit an imperial thumbs up isn’t as easy as one would think. Normally, you sit down, and after a few spins usually get an angle to pick up on: album highlights, lyrics, artwork, etc, etc… Thus the verdict hopefully goes some way to informing you, the record buyer, whether you might want to jizzy down to your local music merchant.

But what if the band are so damned poor and the only thing going through your head is, “No, no no ,no”? I don’t think even Julie Burchill would get away with writing “no” 400 times.

Woohooo! 124 words, only 300 or so to go, I’m doing well here! Right, let’s jump to it. These boys go head to head with labelmates Dai Lo on Copro – both debuts, both bands recently signed, both released the same day. Having been privileged to hear both, it’s safe to say that one has a bright future, while the other is overcast with uncertainty. Can ya guess who’s who?

By now you’re probably thinking, “Who is this fool jabbering on and on, slating an innocent upcoming band without any evidence.” My lord I present to you the fact: those who stand accused are guilty. Guilty of raping the much acknowledged sound of emo originators Far. Singer Phil Darroch, guilty. Guilty of inexplicably and exactly replicating the aforementioned band’s frontman Jonah Matranga (now under the guise of Onelinedrawing).

Of course the lyrics aren’t the same, that would tear a porthole into the world of copyright theft, but hey it may as well be. Glancing blankly at my rugged notepad there are very few positive highlights. In fact there’s one. Only An Outline is a good hybrid of Rival Schools and Far, but barely differentiates.

To listen to this as an album is like having your ear tattooed before being rubbed up and down a cheese grater for 35 minutes. The songs blend and disjoin, filtering out of your memory as soon as they finish. Perhaps my vitriol stems from hearing the sound of bands you appreciate and respect re-packaged Tesco Value style – it’s ok stuff, cheap and all, and will get you by.

As my flat mates tarted themselves for a night out, one of them (a good judge of good music) quipped: “They sound like they’re just making noise for the sake of it.”

“James,” I replied, “that’s the biggest understatement I’ve heard for a while.”

“What was the last one?” he inquired.

“That it deserves a review.”

Verdict: Thumbs down. Throw ’em to the lions.

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