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Gods Of Blitz – Stolen Horse

(Four) UK release date: 21 August 2006

Don’t be misled by the striking cover of this record – the snarlingpumas that would seem to promise an aggressive rap album are some way offthe mark. The Gods of Blitz are noisy, for sure, but it’s well crafted popsongs they have at their disposal, delivering them with a zestfulenergy.

Similarly the track titles are a touch doom laden. With numbers likeGeneration Good-Bye and Gravity Kills the end would seem to be nigh.Rumours of their demise are proved to be an exaggeration however, as theBerlin quartet’s punchy guitars cut through the occasional lyricalbitterness.

The best tracks here are a cue for self abandonment, and are headed byThe Rising, a breezy rocker whose verse defiantly proclaims, “now thosedays are gone, I’m free to get it on, with anyone I like” before proceedingto a suitably rebel rousing chorus. Psychology, too, has an enjoyablebluster that carries all before it, while the excellent Majorette has awell drilled beat that doubtless gets the heart going when heard live.

The album’s thirteen songs are done and dusted in under forty minutes,by which you’ll determine there’s little or no padding, indulgence orhanging around. The combination of a sharp, garage-defined sound with atouch of studio polish is invigorating, the sharpness extending to thelyrical content.

There’s more than a hint of world weariness about songs like GravityKills, where Sebastian Gaebel sings “first the world awaits you, callingout your name, then it will frustrate you, you lose it all again”. This iscountered by the odd forthright reference such as on the splendidly named ACat Named Dog, which startles in its proclamation that “he needs a wife,she needs a fuck”.

The contrite style is refreshing, the willingness to punch out tuneafter tune an uplifting quality that carries even the weaker tracks of thealbum such as Protoman, where even the originality of the lyrics can’tdisguise the awkward tune.

If you’ve been impressed by The Hives or the Shout OutLouds then this should get you going, though it’s slightly less manicthan the former and less deadpan than the latter. It’s the musicalequivalent of an energy drink.

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Gods Of Blitz – Stolen Horse