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Hatebreed – The Rise Of Brutality

(PLG) UK release date: 10 November 2003

Hatebreed - The Rise Of Brutality It is unbelievably refreshing to hear such a full on, p***ed-off band with a purpose. Very stale is the “F**k Everything” ideology of nu-metal that has been championed by everyone from Slipknot to Spineshank since the turn of the Millennium. It’s time for a change, and no Robbie, the kids aren’t alright, but a raised middle finger in the air only helps for so long.

Enter Hatebreed. Picture a sort of “prevention is better than cure” attitude, turned up to max. The songs on this, their fifth album, address brotherhood, perseverance, and raised fist dedication to their cause. This is the voice of the underground and it has never growled so loud.

On The Rise Of Brutality, Hatebreed have opened up their sound, maturing in both craftsmanship and lyrical content. They come, quite literally, “straight to your face with the truth”, by mixing elements of classic hardcore, punk percussion, death metal riffage and what can only be described as slightly more listener-friendly vocals to previously. At times it’s very Biohazard, but at others God Forbid and Shadows Fall.

If there is one thing that the hardcore scene worldwide preaches, it is unity, brotherhood and looking out for your own, a trait that Hatebreed take to the extreme on songs such as Live For This, a straight up hardcore “love” rant for the fans, proving that it truly is not all about the money, fame or riches. With the intensity of Jamey Jasta’s lyrics, it feels as if music hasn’t fuelled someone’s life so completely since Mozart and with a signature, shout-along chorus of arena-sized proportions, this will be a live favourite for hardcore kids across the world.

Facing What Consumed You should be mandatory listening for every human on the planet:

“Facing what consumes you is the only way to be free
Though I’m still far from perfection, I stay relevant, I’m still vigilante.
I have so much more to say, I have so much more to fight for.”

No matter what religion, creed or culture, the idea of striving for freedom is a universal one, and it is in this vein that the band drill to perfection, perfectly relating the pain, anger and frustration of modern life to their global audience of discontented youth. And what fine spokesmen they are.

In direct response to the “he’s just an angry hooligan” comments from older generations, Another Day, Another Vendetta is a brilliant song, with intelligent lyrics and the brute force of a bulldozer rolling down Everest. Inspired by hardcore legends Sick Of It All, this track is one of the album’s best, urging anyone willing to listen to, “Hold on tight, to what you strive for, and never let go!”

Dismissing any criticisms of being in a “clique” within the hardcore scene, there are more shout-outs in the liner notes than I have ever seen, a list that encompasses bands as diverse as Mastodon and P.O.D.

The Rise Of Brutality is a great album, which sees these fast-rising hardcore legends improving their sound and bringing hardcore to a whole new audience. Here’s to domination.

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