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In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy

(Century Media) UK release date: 18 June 2007

In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy In This Moment are an LA based metalcore act with a difference. No, it’s not just that they’re fronted by a frock wearing female vocalist with a pretty impressive set of lungs; their distinguishing factor is more that they have created their status as a truly refreshing and exciting metal act from absolutely nothing; all before the release of their debut.

Two years ago this band didn’t even exist, and they are currently plying their trade at festivals across the globe, thanks to a combination of dedication, a stunning front-woman, and some damn fine tunes to boot.

Prayers documents both the bands most brutal and tuneful sides; Maria’s first vocals utterances being a guttural roar, quickly replaced by her distinctive melodic tones, which continue to flicker throughout this brilliant slice of female fronted hard rock. The swirling guitar riffs are clearly influenced by the abrasive verse vs. huge chorus of the Killswitch Engage school, a lesson from which they benefit greatly; thanks to drummer Jeff Fabb’s ability to replicate some of the tightest double kick work this side of Justin Foley’s metalcore monopoly of the skins.

The title track should be a alt-radio hit of the ilk that catapulted Nickelback to fame with the cringeworthy How You Remind Me a few years back. However, given Miss Brink’s desire to let the world know she can roar with rage just as well as she can bring a tear to your eye with the sweetest melodies they may well find themselves confined to the underground a while longer.

Their uncompromising devotion for a love of both melody and a more metallic attack is one of the main reasons that In This Moment’s next album should by far outclass the let down that was Evanescence‘s sophomore effort. Ashes might create a false sense of security, but within seconds the band have torn into a driving attack on your ear drums. Daddy’s Fallen Angel hammers the last nail in the coffin of suspicion over this lot being a chick-metal band without balls; and if the roars don’t do it, the sickeningly heavy breakdown certainly will.

In This Moment are a band who’ve plugged themselves shamelessly over the past few months through social networking sites, and managed to attract a major deal as a pay off. They’ve already toured with 36 Crazyfists, and Kittie; and most impressively, pulled off an blinding note perfect set at this years Download festival, the stage is set for this quintet to fill the gap as a much needed, rawer and meaner female led metal act.

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