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Infrasound – Out Of Order

(Versity) UK release date: 23 January 2006

Hailing from Leeds, Infrasound are raking the bones of the 80s and coming up covered in a glorious kind of filth. With Gang Of Four‘s Andy Gill overseeing production duties, Out Of Order is raw and thunderous, which is exactly how this band should sound.

There are moments when the guitars are hugely reminiscent of U2‘s Edge (Deerhunter) and without Gill’s guiding hand they may well have come across as irritatingly pristine (exactly like U2’s Edge, then). Instead, there are moments when it sounds as if blood may well be dripping from the strings, such is the rawness of the sound.

There is much to like about this record, from the ridiculously raw production on down. Influences come thick and fast, and there are obvious similarities to the likes of contemporaries Kasabian. Perhaps more pleasing is the darker elements of the 80s that creep into their sound. If Joy Division, PiL and early U2 prick your interest then there is little doubt you’ll find something to please you here.

There’s the terrific opener Final Warning, which screams into life with an undulating synth and almost tribal drumming. Recent single Deerhunter mixes up U2 with New Order and manages to sound exciting and vibrant. “I want to be… Electricity!” bellows vocalist John Walker, sounding amped and wired. It’s a song that has an infectious enthusiasm; one listen, and you should be plugging yourself into the mains.

The album is packed with songs that wouldn’t sound out of place in huge arenas; the production sounds like most of the album was recorded in a stadium with the needle in the red throughout. If there were one sticking point with Infrasound, however, it is that the onslaught can be a little too full on at times.

Still Life calms things down a little with a vocal that Jim Morrison would be proud of, while a guitar gently cries out. The drums still sound like their being hit with sturdy hunks of iron, but that only adds to the charm of the song. Still Life is only really a break in proceedings, Infrasound appear to like the idea of relentless assault.

Infrasound have managed to take many of their influences and make them sound entirely contemporary without sounding entirely derivative. It’s a good trick if you can do it. This is a band that could well pound their way into your heart. More invigorating than quick lime aftershave.

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Infrasound – Out Of Order