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Josh Wink – Profound Sounds Vol 2

(ovum) UK release date: 14 June 2004

You may remember Josh Wink as the man with the dreads whose acid-fuelledHigher State Of Consciousness damaged more than a few dancefloors in 1996,and then returned to inflict more of the same in a remix guise the following year.The Philadelphian DJ has never quite repeated that massive success butcontinues to command respect among techno lovers for his no-nonsensestyle.

Recent album 20 To 20 didn’t contain a tune to rival previous successes,but did suggest that sonically all was well and the music pumping. All ofwhich makes the start of Profound Sounds more than a little puzzling. Forthe first few tracks it seems that very little happens, as if it’s four in themorning, you’re knackered from a heavy night out, and all you can handle isthe most basic of beats. As a nocturnal album then, this is the ideal start- nothing too demanding from the hushed vocal of Swayzak’s Form IsEmptiness, nor the following tracks from Timeblind and Rithma as Winkcreates a soporific atmosphere.

Signs that Wink intends to move things on a bit come with Mindlab,Minimal Man and Josh’s own Oakiash track, and a move to funk things up abit. If you got through the sleepy opening your ears will definitely prickup from this point on, as Barada, David Alvarado and Rino Cerrone injectsome pace and purpose. Wink’s mixing also tightens up here, as he overlaysAlvarado’s track with Aaron Carl‘s The Word.

No way back but on to the dancefloor, shafts of light cutting through thepredominantly dark textures in Johannes Hell‘s Future Primitive and UKGold‘s Confined. Ending on a high with the classic Dave Clarke cut Compass,the listener is left with the impression of a journey completed, the mixhaving got progressively more up for it from the outset.

Ovum also include a second disc with interactive features and four extratracks, two of which are recent Wink successes – How’s Your Evening So Far,which uses a generous portion of Li’l Louis‘ French Kiss classic, andSuperfreak, its twisted vocal a recent favourite of ErickMorillo‘s.

A successful outing for the now shorn Wink then, and his first DJ mix in fouryears, which by all accounts is a lifetime in dance music. On the evidence of this, his finger is still pretty much on the pulse when it comes to making people dance.

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Josh Wink – Profound Sounds Vol 2