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Junior Sanchez / Various – The Best of Dirty Dirty House

(system) UK release date: 16 February 2004

How many DJs would profess to a liking for Dave Clarke, Bon Jovi and Radiohead? Well that narrows down the field somewhat, until we arrive at Junior Sanchez, whose musical CV has in the past placed him some distance away from these acts as a purveyor of quality house tunes like B With U, his 1999 collaboration with Dajae. Mercifully, Dirty, Dirty House doesn’t take the opportunity to mix Karma Police into something like You Give Love A Bad Name, but it’s safe to say the mix incorporates elements of both styles.

The main claim of the mix is that it was put together in one take on the 7th September 2002 (yes, that exact!), in the Sanchez basement. It shows – in a good way. Some of the mixing is a bit approximate at times, but this being dirty house it could well be deliberate. The track selection is good too, as Sanchez calls on techno, house, electro and ’80s pop to keep things moving forward.

The energy levels are high, the vibe uplifting, the bass lines monstrous and there are some cheeky vocal snippets. Miss Kittin‘s Frank Sinatra falls into this category with tales of caviar, champagne and sex in limos – all your average rock star behaviour in a soundbite – and Sanchez provides a thrilling moment mixing out of this into DJ Dan‘s fiery Put The Record Back On. The Paper Faces remix of Zoot Woman‘s Living In A Magazine gives us the heaviest bass sound around, the spectre of Peter Hook close by. The same team pop up later with the catchy Automatic, with Sanchez firmly into an 80s-influenced groove towards the close.

Techno lovers are also catered for with Green Velvet and, at a push, Zombie Nation, although sometimes the robotic voice-overs can get a bit much as a stand-in for a genuine vocal. Mind you, when one of these appears it’s on the dolls-house pop of Ladytron‘s Playgirl, remixed with plenty of bounce but still a bit cutesy given the rough stuff on offer elsewhere.

Let’s not be too harsh with the criticism though, for in no way do these moments spoil a huge monster of a party record, one that’s guaranteed to have you swinging from the lampshade. Sanchez judges the momentum very well, and with plenty of vim, vigour and humour he hits the spot for the rough and ready clubber.

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Junior Sanchez / Various – The Best of Dirty Dirty House