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Kristian Leontiou – Some Day Soon

(Polydor) UK release date: 31 May 2004

Kristian Leontiou - Some Day Soon Some Day Soon is the debut offering from Kristian Leontiou, a 19-year-old Cockney lad. Not that you would be able to tell: from the word go the maturity of the music is the most prominent feature of Some Day Soon.

Story Of My Life is a hard-hitting opener, the soft acoustic guitar is darkly soothing while the gruff yet smooth vocals dominate. City life is somewhat grimly portrayed in the track but it is tinged with a harmless radio friendly quality. An intriguing sprinkle of breakbeat introduces Shining but it soon subsides into the body of the song, which is an apparent cry of defiance “I will not be beaten/you have yet to see me shining”. It’s almost as if any pleasant introductions to the album have been left behind.

Firmly left behind, The Years Move On embarks on a tale of lost love, and of a broken heart. While the subject matter is well and truly clichéd the freshness of the music glows through. This is most apparent in the umpteen twists and turns the song takes in musical terms.

A sharp piano introduction welcomes the listener into Love Is All I Need, which shows the dynamic nature to Leontiou. While the track isn’t spectacular, the power of the vocals carries the song. Further versatility and the eclectic influences on the lad who has been writing for around about half his life are displayed with the classical intro to Some Say.

Caught In The Moment is a little cringeworthy as the high(ish) notes are aimed for. It’s all a little bit too Boyzone-esque for my taste, but I bet Mr Keating wished his voice had only half the grace of Kristian Leontiou’s. However Hanging takes things a little bit too far, conjuring up repressed memories of my sister’s Boyzone records blaring through the house. Fret not though, this isn’t actually that much like an Irish boy band – but the parallels are progressively more apparent throughout Some Day Soon.

Just so you’re sure the boy with the unpronounceable surname isn’t aspiring to reach the dizzy heights of manufactured success, an acoustic bonus track concludes the album. Sometimes I Wonder is a melancholy way to close but it’s a powerful and strangely thought provoking affair.

Some Day Soon is an exciting debut, showcasing one of the UK’s starlets with a potentially very bright future a head of him. If this is just the start of things to come then Kristian Leontiou could become a defining artist of this generation.

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