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Lazy B – Lazy B TV

(Universal) UK release date: 17 July 2006

Lazy B - Lazy B TV This is quite possibly one of the most unusual records I’ve heard in some time. Not in an enlightening, “oh my God, this is so strange it’s the most exciting thing I’ve heard in the last few weeks” kind of way, unfortunately, but odd nonetheless.

Lazy B TV is an album chock full of uninspired beats and samples that even someone who has only ever heard dance music via the open window of a boy-ed up Nova would scoff and say; “Jeez that’s a bit insipid.” The twist comes via the vocals for each track. Chorus wise, things are as you might expect: yep there’s the diva singing her lungs out. The oddity comes courtesy of the verses.

If you have a propensity for trawling the back pages of newspapers looking for adverts offering relaxation tapes guaranteed to make your life longer, this album is for you. If you hang around in the self help section of book shops, when you should really be outside living your life instead of reading books telling you how to do it properly, this is the album for you (Desiderata). If you are the person who buys those facts of the day calendars, so that you can regurgitate said facts down the pub to the chagrin of everyone you know, this album is for you (Facts of Life). If you write the bits in the middle of amusing Hallmark cards, this is the album for you (Man Woman). Finally if you think that Denis Leary wrote Bill Hicks’ material (Underwear Goes Inside The Pants), then this, my friends, is the album for you.

Each song has such nuggets as: “Success is a matter of luck, ask any failure,” “Women have their faults, men have only two: everything they say and everything they do,” or “Eskimos uses refrigerators to keep food from freezing.” Let’s face it, these are things that might be amusing to hear in a song once, but they don’t really stand up to repeated listening, particularly with such a bland backing.

The one standout track on the album (and it was a single, so I would point you in that direction) is Underwear Goes Inside The Pants, which is essentially Greg Giraldo’s comedy routine edited down and set to a moody downbeat track. His material may not be entirely original, but, it does hold you attention. Set against a darker backing track it does have an element of kudos as it comments on society with a sharp tongue and a blunt blade. They try to repeat the trick later on with Spread The Love, but Giraldo’s material runs out of steam part way through and falls a little flat.

No doubt this is an album that will be picked up and played to death by stoners and DJs who don’t have a single original thought inside their heads, and who will swear there’s some kind of universal truth residing in these tracks built from the scrapings of water cooler philosophy. To them, and to Lazy B, I’d like to offer a few words of advice via a quotation: “You’ve got to be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?” – Bernadette Peters.

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