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Lene Marlin – Another Day

UK release date: 29 September 2003

This is the second album fromNorwegian songbird Lene Marlin, still a mereslip of a thing in her late teens yet writing her ownsongs with the maturity of a fully-fledged songwriter.

By her own admission she was astonished by the successof Sitting Down Here in 2000, a song that found itsway into the heart of commercial radio. The albumPlaying My Game was also a big hit worldwide, evenearning her an MTV award for Best ScandinavianArtist.

There was a lingering suspicionfor me, however, that the songs, finely crafted andheartfelt as they were, did not hold the interestsufficiently for an entire album, serving ratherbetter as pleasant wallpaper. That suspicion continuesinto Another Day, although this time Lene (pronouncedLay-ner) has taken on producer Mike Hedges, whose CVimpressively lists credits for the likes of U2,The Cure and Travis.

The result is a more acoustic song, typified by the spiky guitars ofSorry, which is also decorated with a nice string partto single it out as one of the record’s strongesttracks. Similarly, the single You Weren’t There,despite sliding close to Cranberries territory,presses the right radio buttons, as it were.

As indicated by the cover,Another Day is perhaps an even more sombre record thanPlaying My Game, which was highly introspective.Fight Against The Hours illustrates this by featuringa barely audible vocal over a dark, pulsing bass.Meanwhile the intimate My Love is a heartfelt wish to”please come and find me my love, I’m ready to comehome.”

I personally prefer Marlin’svoice when she’s set over a more electronicproduction, which would bring her more into theterrain of Beth Hirsch or Dot Allison.Whilst there’s plenty of cool sophistication tocommend Another Day, the feeling remains that themusic is just going through the motions.

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