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Love Is All – Two Thousand And Ten Injuries

(Polyvinyl) UK release date: 5 April 2010

The third album from Sweden’s Love Is All rattles along in pretty much the same way as their first two albums, all youthful exuberance and, lyrically, almost comical heartbreak. Such unwillingness to evolve can sometimes be a problem, but the formula they’ve stuck to works so well that it would be churlish to criticise.

Opener Bigger Bolder leaps from the blocks, with spidery guitar lines scurrying through squalls of saxophone (something they’re big fans of apparently), whilst a simple, metronomic drumbeat plays goofily in the background. It’s like a hyperactive, almost childlike version of punk, with the bare bones intact but with little touches of experimentation on the periphery. Less Than Thrilled and Dust both recall the post-punk meets dance hybrid of bands like The Rapture or Gossip, whilst The Birds Were Singing With All Their Might has the icy cool of Joy Division.

Whatever musical backing, their originality comes through in the shape of singer Josephine Olausson, whose strange throttled yelp of a voice keeps even the lesser material interesting. She sounds excited and fit to burst on the aforementioned opener, whilst the brilliantly scathing Less Than Thrilled sounds wonderfully petulent when she sings “I’m less than thrilled you’re OK”. Over clattering beats and distorted synths on closer Take Your Time she’s even able to show calm and poise, her soft murmurings similar to Stina Nordenstam in their hushed beauty.

Elsewhere, the tempo is slowed on the stately, shimmering rock ballad Never Now, which manages to utilise the saxophone for more than creating tension. However, tracks like Again, Again and A Side In A Bed are hampered by a lack of ideas and both end with Olausson attempting to shatter all the windows in any neighbouring buildings with her bark.

Minor grumbles aside, however, Two Thousand And Ten Injuries is a deliriously fun listen, one that manages to suck you into its own little world for half an hour. They’ve shown that they can tamper with the formula if the mood takes them, but why fix something if it isn’t broken?

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