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Love That Kills – To Cruel Nails Surrendered

(In At The Deep End) UK release date: 27 March 2006

Love That Kills - To Cruel Nails Surrendered Love That Kills are one of the more recent signings to up-and-coming British label In At The Deep End Records, providing a blend of melodic metal that at first listen appears little more than yet another ‘core band, but given the chance shows signs of future promise.

Opener Bloodless sees the quintet blast in with some devastating riffs, wearing their Zao influences clearly on their sleeves. However, despite vocalist Duggan impressively shredding his vocal cords for the duration of the EP’s 19 minutes, Dan Weyandt’s voice takes some serious matching and this youngster has a bit of work to do.

The Great Depression is a much faster, but ultimately monotonous affair which I’m sure might come across a damn sight better live. Razor Blade Smile draws on more metallic influence such as It Dies Today, but you can’t help but feel that the lead riff should flow more smoothly to make for a more polished number. That said, the production on all six tracks is permissible for a debut and my only gripe would be that the bass severely lacks punch throughout.

The Kent-based quintet should most certainly be applauded for the consistency on their mini-release, for they have skilfully avoided the heinous crime of recording three well-structured tunes and then interspersing with mere fillers. Hangman’s Game is one of the stand-out numbers here, building to a crescendo with pummelling drums and ringing distortion before slamming in with signature hardcore staccato riffage.

To Cruel Nails Surrendered starts as a clean number with yet more metallic destruction providing the backdrop for Duggan’s only clean vocals on the release which, while providing an interesting contrast, pale in comparison to his screams.

All in all this is a fairly promising debut from Love That Kills who, if they nail a killer live show, at least stand a chance of having a Bullet For My Valentine-sized following at some point in the future.

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Love That Kills – To Cruel Nails Surrendered