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Massive Attack – Danny The Dog OST

(Wild Bunch) UK release date: 11 October 2004

Massive Attack - Danny The Dog OST After the release of several critically acclaimed albums, their most recognised being Mezzanine, Massive Attack hand their DJ-ing skills to the soundtrack for the new film, Danny The Dog.

This 21 track album, with titles such as One Thought At A Time and Everything About You Is New, can confuse the listener in thinking that lyrics of some kind will be featured on at least one of the songs on the album. However, providing the backing for this particular film appears to not require vocals, letting the music speak for itself.

This album is no easy listen, the record itself probably at its most effective with visual aid from the film itself. Opening Title and P Is For Piano reflect this uneasiness at its strongest but by Sam, the Enya-like motion picture music oozes with tension and heart stopping beats like those that moulded Unfinished Sympathy.

Montage dips into the mind-numbingly gorgeous pool of Radiohead and Right Way To Hold A Spoon is more dramatic, with a full-blown orchestra charging from the depths of the record.

It is only the introduction of I Am Home that truly brings the album back to the traditional electronic sound of Massive Attack but its no Teardrop and this is no Mezzanine.

21 songs through and its hard to figure out what Massive Attack were hoping to achieve with this release. Its 100% instrumental consistency is not something of which would necessarily appeal to the mainstream listener and the tracks themselves are short and to the point, most of which, such as Opening Title, are not fit for release.

Motive aside, it is obvious that Massive Attack are destined to succeed. Having branched out into the world of film with this tear-jerking classical-inspired soundtrack, they prove that, in spite of the nonsense that can be found in today’s charts, the real gems are stronger than ever.

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