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Miguel Migs – Colorful You

(Astralwerks) UK release date: 30 September 2002

Miguel Migs - Colorful You San Francisco’s Miguel Migs has been steadily building up a reputation for himself over the last few years. As well as remixing the likes of Britney Spears and Macy Gray, he’s also been steadily building up an impressive back catalogue. Migs specialises in deep, soulful house, rather than the furious, intense style of other DJs. Close your eyes while listening to Migs’ Colorful You and you could almost be lazing on a beach under the blistering sun.

The laid-back feel of the album is typified by the opening Introseduction. Some percussive beats set the scene, before a Spanish voice introduces Mr Migs. Then, after two minutes, a rather lovely Spanish guitar kicks in. It’s not at all what you’d expect from a dance musician. It’s more likely to leave you chilled out than get you up and dancing, but gives a good indication of the album to come.

The next track Brand New Day raises the tempo slightly and showcases the soulful voice of Lagerald Norman. The vibe is still the same, and Norman’s voice perfectly suits Migs’ relaxed style. The lyrics are the usual cliched tosh about ‘shining lights’ and ‘positivity’, but not many people listen to this kind of music for thought-provoking lyrics. The sound is everything, and Migs has this off to a tee.

Norman crops up again later in the album, but the real find here is Migs’ labelmate Lisa Shaw. With a voice as smooth as chocolate, she adds real soul to Think It Over, which could easily be a crossover hit. She’s hotly tipped to be a major star of the future, and on this evidence it’s easy to see why. Jo Jo Hailey also acquits herself admirably with her vocals on several tracks.

The only problem with this classy, smooth record is that it’s not too exciting. There’s absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong here, indeed every track practically oozes quality. But you can’t see yourself ever becoming passionate about it, or rushing to the CD player desperate to experience it over and over again. I’m sure it sounds great in a bar, or noodling quietly away in the background. Occasionally a great song like Don’t Let Me Down will jump out the speakers at you, but too often the songs here mesh together.

Miguel Migs has produced a quality album that’s bound to find an appreciative audience. While there’s nothing here to raise the roof or get the heart pumping, this is an uplifting record that indicates that Migs won’t just have to rely on those Britney remixes to pay the bills.

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Miguel Migs – Colorful You