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Mint Field – Sentimiento Mundial

(Felte) UK release date: 25 September 2020

Mint Field - Sentimiento Mundial Sentimiento Mundial is an oddly propulsive album; full of an energetic, somewhat-hazy atmosphere, and Tijuana-born psycho-shoegazers Mint Field explode on it with hypnotic, fast-paced tracks altogether more sturdy than their debut.

The main single from Sentimiento Mundial, Contingencia, has apprehensive bass, an aggressive onslaught of guitar and a hallucinatory mood with post-punk hooks – its subject matter is about forging your own path forward and seeing the light that is in front of us all.

The track speaks to fans of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth or Animal Collective, being much more immediate than the rest of the record. However, even on the quieter moments on this album, there’s a resonating, driving pulse, perhaps as a result of UK act Ulrika Spacek on production.

Ulrika Spacek provides a more contemporary, clean-cut listen best seen in Cuida Tus Pasos – this track is haunting, carried mainly by Estrella Del Sol’s dreamy vocals and a constant, discordant guitar soundscape. Natural is the complete opposite – sonically a ’90s American rom-com full of floating open space, soft lyrical cooing and a rocking beat, it’s spellbindingly calm, albeit slightly fuzzed out as if heard through a body of water, focusing more on the dream than the pop.

The energy from this record is one of escapist, live energy in a time where live music seems so far away, you can almost imagine the oppressive heat from a sweltering crowd – halfway between hypnosis and extreme clarity. Nuestro Sentido is a shining example of this, flitting between sharp, pervasive guitar and expansive bass, Mint Field combine an eclectic range of genre, encompassing the self-defined chaos of Mexico City with a lucidity that adds an indie-rock sound – with lyrics both delicate and poignantly unspecific.

Sentimiento Mundial could perhaps do with some more pop to their dream-pop narrative, but what Mint Field have produced is a chromatic spectrum of sound – light, whilst excelling in hazy atmospherics. The psychedelic duo have created a body of work that speaks to the stars; it can be hoped that if they do decide to come down to earth, they still manage to maintain their magical air.

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Mint Field – Sentimiento Mundial