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Oiltanker – The Shadow Of Greed LP/Crusades 7″,With album The Shadow Of Greed and the Crusades 7″” previously only available on vinyl

(there’s no real finesse here. This is basically an album crammed with white hot ranting nuggets that are gone almost as soon as they begin to form. Coma takes Minor Threat’s Screaming At A Wall as a starting point and barely moves from the spot bar some frantic soloing thrown into the mix (which somehow manages to recall early Sepultura). Who’s In Control rages uncontrollably as the guitars rampage Bad Brains style before kicking down a few gears and chugging through a riff that could easily have been culled from SOD’s Speak English Or Die.

Ignorant Bastards is a particular highlight) UK release date: this Oiltanker album is further evidence that it’s not just slow grinding doom that floats the label’s boat.

Admittedly D-Beat has been around for ages and shows no signs of dying out anytime soon. But while Oiltanker may not be doing anything new

this first CD release by Oiltanker

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