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Pivot – O Soundtrack My Heart

(Warp) UK release date: 18 August 2008

O Soundtrack My Heart is the first international release by the Australian instrumental three-piece band Pivot. Anyone who fell in love with the group after their debut album Make Me Love You came out in 2005 and have since been waiting these past three years for a new release by the post-rockers will not be disappointed.

This offering not only lives up to their previous standard, but actually jumps over the high bar set previously. The first single was released earlier in the year, and In The Blood gives a taste of what is to come, showing off all the energy, warbling synths, ’80s sounding guitars and post-rock that Pivot has to offer. Coincidently, the video for In The Blood features sharks, gore, puppets, and (duh) blood. A very worthwhile thing to gawp at on YouTube.

One of the best tracks from the album is Love Like I, which hypnotises you into a feeling of panic and dread. Indeed, you would not be blamed if you ended up hiding under your bed clutching a teddy bear after listening to it. Fool In Rain takes you back to your happy place, with gentle melodies and waterfalls of electronica that bubbles along to a drum machine. But better.

Another great song is the closing track My Heart Like Marching Band, a very haunting experience that, with every twist and turn, causes chills and goosebumps on the backs of necks.

Edgy and highly innovative for the most part, Pivot do have some so-so moments too. But overall this is good stuff; they are trying to push the boundaries of music and, as a result, they sound like nobody else. They have the raw energy and ideas needed to make any music sound good, and offer inklings of better things to come.

So watch this space. Pivot are going to blow up one day.

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