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Rebelski – Thanks For Your Thoughts

(Heavenly) UK release date: 3 March 2003

Rebelski - Thanks For Your Thoughts What with Adamski, Normski and now Rebelski you could be forgiven for thinking that Thanks For Your Thoughts was going to be yet another half-baked, ‘urban’, hip-hop album.

However, the actually-named Martin Roman Rebelski is the rather talented multi-instrumentalist who has played piano on both of the Doves albums. Consequently, this, his first solo album (and that’s solo as in written, performed and produced) is more Ennio Morricone than Marshall Mathers.

Thanks For Your Thoughts consists of half-an-hour of instrumental music spread over eight tracks. Unsurprisingly, most of it is keys-led, although Rebelski adds Wurlitzers, keyboards and accordions in with the piano in order to keep the listener guessing.

With the exception of Scarecrow, which briefly threatens to break out into a ’70s funk number, this is a chilled-out affair that is perfect for sticking on in the background at grown-up dinner parties. If that sounds insulting, it is not meant to – it is just that Thanks For Your Thoughts makes it clear that, if anything, Rebelski is too much of a ‘real’ musician to be being marketed to pop-buying populace.

Methinks a successful career in writing film scores awaits…

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Rebelski – Thanks For Your Thoughts