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Rosie And The Goldbug – Rosie And The Goldbug

(Lover) UK release date: 15 September 2008

Rosie And The Goldbug are trying to be original. They don’t have to try too hard; the eclectic and eccentric backgrounds they all seem to possess assure of that. They are one-offs. But does it follow that their music is too?

The trio from Cornwall, led by piano-playing singer Rosie Vanier, draws a line of influences between Kate Bush‘s wonderment, Cyndi Lauper‘s pop and a dash of Debbie Harry and Blondie‘s poise.

Together they’ve created an array of heartfelt punk, alternative tunes that try to hit a range of spots but indulge in a spot of wandering about first.

Before writing them off as nostalgic pastiche, there’s a smashing of techno, electro-rock and disco in there too which nibbles at the graceful heels of Alison Goldfrapp and Roisin Murphy. They’re a little rough around the edges but this helps them not to sound too alike any of their influences.

Neat and tidy drums, guitar and bass complement the controlling keyboard and electronics. Vanier’s vocals lend a touch of loose and easy, laid back freshness, while the unpolished edge gives a live, uninhibited finish to the studio album.

War Of The Roses (Because You Said So), Lover, Contain You and Butterfly are the stand-outs, abounding with energy. War Of The Roses was released earlier this year as an EP and Lover is their first single.

You’ve Changed ropes in Lauperesque production values. Feeling reaches out for comparisons with Tori Amos but (by this point predictably) falls short. Although the tone heads in the right directions, the tracks simpl aren’t uniformly strong enough to reach the ambitious heights their creators intended for them.

The entire album is listenable and enjoyable; a small breath of fresh air, though one that could have been a gust.

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Rosie And The Goldbug – Rosie And The Goldbug