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Rumour Cubes – Appearances Of Collections

(Cognitive Dissonance) UK release date: 18 August 2014

Rumour Cubes - Appearances Of Collections They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Rumour Cubes don’t paint pictures with paint, but create visionary landscapes through the means of sounds. They don’t even have to use words to put together incredibly atmospheric and touching instrumental music that delves into the inner consciousness and frequently leaves one breathless, while the beautiful strings act as vocals that seem to sing out like the sweetest of voices.

Appearances Of Collections is an album that draws the listener in to its magical world of beautifully structured melodies and atmospherically plunges into a truly cinematic experience of the senses. There is something about the way that Seven Year Glitch seamlessly blends into Hiyat that underlines the London based six-piece’s methods. Sometimes instrumental albums can leave you pining for words as it the texture can feel too thin; however, this album has been so greatly structured and produced so that it feels like a complete body of work that needs nothing added to it.

Here lies a sophisticated collection of tracks that sweeps one away on a journey through classical, electronic and dance styles, an amalgamation of instrumentation and genres that would not often be heard so beautifully blended together, perfectly counteracting one another. It whips up into a world of stylistic drama and romance where anything might happen. The recurring motifs drive this album as it builds up and winds down. Every detail has been carefully thought about and fitted to serve a purpose and make the listener feel a certain way. Take the heartrending A Homecoming, a track that seeps with feeling and emotion. It is impressive in the way that it paints its portraits and in the dramatic way which it seems to force characters into the consciousness.

The attention to detail can also be seen in the titles of the songs that just perfectly depict what the pieces of music are attempting to get across to the listener. Whether it’s Your House Isn’t Haunted, You’re Lonely, where the solitude comes through in the sparseness of the texture, or Do Not Go Gently, it is plain to see that here is a collection of musicians on a mission and know what they are doing. Research And Destroy explores a totally different territory and is little less that completely explosive in the way it develops into a heaving destructive monster that tears away relentlessly at anything that gets in its way. The way it again leads into the delights of the closing track That’s How The Light Gets In, that twinkles and plays out its beautiful whimsical melodies, emphasises that this development of opposites makes the album such a great body of work.

Here can be found escapism and adventure, a dreamlike world of cinematic proportions that deserves every bit of praise that comes its way. It is unique as it is impressive. Frequently more complex than it initially appears to be, Appearances Of Collections is always surprising and frequently breathtaking. This is a sonic adventure to be embarked upon again and again.

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Rumour Cubes – Appearances Of Collections