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Shout Out Out Out Out – Reintegration Time

(Six Shooter) UK release date: 17 May 2010

Some figures for you. Quite apart from the extravert display of having ‘OUT’ four times in their name, this Alberta sextet is made up of two vocalists and four bass players, one sampler and 11 synthesizers. With so much at their disposal, and such a bold proclamation with their name, second album Regeneration has to deliver, surely?

In many ways it does just that. Reintegration Time gets in touch with the primal needs of dancing, and openers Run and Guilt Trips Sink Ships set about their task with monolithic bass lines and big boned drum beats. Much of the record concentrates on this primitive urge, and the synths growl in the foreground as the rhythms fizz about them.

There is a lot of raw excitement here, all driven by the drums and the bass, with the odd loop circling overhead, but the real action is taking place downstairs.

And that’s where the crucial missing element is revealed – for though we have the occasional catchy vocal snippet and some clever keyboard interplay, the big melodies are by and large missing. The overall impression is huge, but fleeting.

By the end it’s clearer this is an experience that should be witnessed live rather than heard solely on record. While on headphones it impresses with its power, its rhythmic drive and its sheer bassiness, it’s only then can the sheer unbuttoned energy that lurks in the background come through.

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Shout Out Out Out Out – Reintegration Time