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Silicone Soul – Save Our Souls

(Soma) UK release date: 25 September 2006

Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie mustbe two of the hardest working producers in dancemusic. In the space of 18 months they’ve put out StaringInto Space, the impressive Darkroom Dubs mix compilation and now this, their third album.

Save Our Souls adheres to the boys’ stylisticblueprint of atmospheric house music that uses a full fourto the floor beat and solid basslines to support thewarm, spacey textures above.

This gives the music a nocturnal, cinematicquality, evoking images of driving under starry skiesat the height of summer. And while these beats mightnot be pushing the boundaries of invention, they areconsistently good the whole way through.

Instrumental grooves dominate, which is a shamegiven one of their best tracks from the previousalbum, Feeling Blue, featured a great vocal. It alsoremoves a crucial element of variety from their music.That said, all these tunes will sound great in a darkclub, vocals or not.

There’s even room for a decent flute solo, not aknown quantity in house music. Brian Molleygets the honour on Snakecharmer, making his enchantingsound part of the overall picture rather thanoverindulging in the manner soloists so often do.

Snakecharmer is one of the softer grooves on thealbum, but Silicone Soul sound best when they toughenthe beats up. This boosts Margin For Madness, where adarker keyboard strain threatens in the middleforeground. Better still is As The Stars Become TheSun, building impressively from a straightforward slapbass riff to take in layer upon layer of stringorchestration, working through to a formidableclimax.

Some of the tracks are musical wallpaper whenlistened to on the home stereo, which isn’t meant as acriticism – merely an observation that they blend inwell as up-tempo chill out tracks. Put them on in aclub and it’s a different story, with those beats andbass a rock solid foundation.

If they haven’t already done so Silicone Soulshould be branching into film or game soundtracks;such is their aptitude for atmospheric house music.Even so soon on the back of their second album, thethird is a solid achievement.

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