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Simian Mobile Disco – Attack Decay Sustain Release

(Wichita) UK release date: 18 June 2007

Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release Indie music lovers will no doubt be curious to hear Simian Mobile Disco‘s debut album Attack Decay Sustain Release, as the dance outfit have raised its profile among the indie fraternity following their involvement on the production for the Klaxons and the Arctic Monkeys.

However, indie purists may be disappointed as Attack Decay Sustain Release has less of the crossover appeal of offerings of acts like LCD Soundsystem and The Chemical Brothers. Instead it is a quality dance album that will appeal to clubbers new and old with its loyalty to the sounds of 1990s house music, coupled with a 21st-century twist that will no doubt connect it to the current New Rave trend that’s been touted by style mags.

Not an album for relaxing at home to, Attack Decay Sustain Release will make perfect post-club or house party listening for those who have no qualms about disturbing the neighbours in the small hours. The thumping basslines that permeate throughout will ensure that no-one will get much sleep for miles around.

Some of the more vocal tracks would sit comfortably in the numerous style bars in city centres that have replaced many of the original club nights that proliferated throughout the 1990s. I Got This Down this down has echoes of Daft Punk with its robotic vocals, while the current single It’s the Beat is the poppiest affair on the album, with a riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on retro classic Pump up the Jam by Technotronic.

A reworked version of last year’s Hustler is sure to be another popular track on the album. It sounds suitably sleazy and would be an incentive onto any dancefloor. I Believe is another gem, with an outstanding vocal and a gently melody that would be a perfect, loved-up come-down at the end of a hard night’s clubbing – all it needs is a beautiful sunrise, and a luscious cocktail to accompany it.

It’s difficult to detect any flaws in Attack Decay Sustain Release. Simian Mobile Disco have created a seamless electronica album that can carry the torch for the New Rave movement, and prove there’s a great deal of substance beneath the fad to be found. However, there is something missing. Perhaps the tunes would sit better within a DJ set rather than an album as although each track is flawless and an enjoyable listen, the album is absent of any true wow factor.

Old clubbers may feel nostalgic upon listening to this but will only be prompted to listen to their old skool classics, but new generations may miss SMD amidst more visible acts. Still, while mass appeal may elude SMD, this album will help definitely please their loyal following, who’ve had the pleasure to experience their DJ sets and witness their artistry in the flesh.

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