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Son Of Dork – Welcome To Loserville

(Mercury) UK release date: 21 November 2005

We’ve had Charlie Simpson’s Fightstar, and now here’sJames Bourne, teaming up with a new set of boyish chums as thequaint but stupidly named Son of Dork. And while this outfit may notescape accusations of being Blink-182 plus one, there is enough lyricalnouse here to set them up for a tilt at genuine longevity in the popcharts.

To last they’re going to need a few more distinctive tunes, though,something Busted were never lacking at any point in theircareer. Now and then a good one pops up – the obvious example being thesingle Welcome To Loserville – but too often the promising material lacks akiller cutting edge.

Instead it’s the lyrics that are the most interesting. Anyone searchingfor allusions to Bourne’s time in Busted won’t be disappointed.Eddie’s Song notes that, “at 3am it’s getting late, the after party’s closed”,while Boyband pokes fun at the whole process, questioning whetherGood Charlotte should refer their fans to McFly and saying, more ominously, that “fifteen minutes we’ll be through, and I won’t have totalk to you”. Humour abounds too, Bourne having a good natured pop at themetalheads or sniggering at a ‘faker’ in Murder In The Mosh, a girlwho’s “into Jane’s Addiction… and I fall over laughing when shetries to sing along”. The rest of this song tries too hard though, with neithera carefully primed shout to Sonic Youth nor the wailing chorusadded as a hidden track coming over well.

The nuggets of humour are worth hanging on to, for this is a miniconcept album with a sour taste, the subject too often a loser in love.Party’s Over is the most explicit reference to this, the subjectsinging of watching his girlfriend “get laid on the sofa”. Its intricate harmoniesmake for a surprisingly affecting song. Holly.. I’m The One tells atale of jealousy, while Sick offers a bunny boiler theme from a maleperspective.

Even when the boys are with someone they’re not happy either.”All you do is wear me down”, complains the penultimate song. Meanwhile LittleThings, a bittersweet semi-ballad, is one of the best tracks here, Bourneunder the spell of yet another girl.

For teen lyrics, then, Bourne has it spot on. The harmonies are goodif a tad formulaic, while the guitar work, strongly reminiscent of Blink-182, does its job without fuss. Anyone entering Loservillewill more than likely enjoy their stay, but once they’ve moved on mightstruggle to remember many of its tunes.

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Son Of Dork – Welcome To Loserville