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Stanton Warriors – The Stanton Session

(XL) UK release date: 9 July 2001

Stanton Warriors - The Stanton Session Here we have a mix album; it consists of 19 tracks, some originals by Stanton Warriors, some are remixes of other artists’ works, ranging from Basement Jaxx to Jeremy Sylvester.

While 19 tracks would be too long for an ordinary album, The Stanton Session is nothing if not a mad melee of breakbeats, techno and rap (featuring the wonderful MC Moose) which really could define the way in which dance music moves next. House parties around the country will love its variety – hosts can put The Stanton Session on and not worry about having to change the CD. DJs will love it for the rich and varied selection of music available for mixing.

There are overtones of Bentley Rhythm Ace on Doomsnight and Good Old Love, while the remix of Basement Jaxx’s Jump ‘n’ Shout is guaranteed to get you doing precisely that.

And all this from two guys who’ve had the audacity to name themselves after drain covers. Dominic B, from Bristol, and Mark Yardley (who has nothing to do with the defunct perfume brand of the same name) have produced an album filled with music that has been the subject of many classification attempts by various critics. “Unable to bracket the Warriors as the brightest hope of breakbeat or two-step gone leftfield” rather well sums them up, if you include a smattering of US house and UK garage for good measure.

“We just think a tune is a tune if people start nodding when it’s played in a record shop,” says Dominic. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s house or breakbeat or hip hop. It’s just street music.”

With The Stanton Session, you can dance to the music, have fun with it and appreciate it and even appreciate it on an artistic level. All this while it happily busts its way out of genre definition too. What else could one ask for? Go buy it.

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