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Super Delta Three – Eve Sub Rebel

(Keystone) UK release date: 1 January 2001

Super Delta Three – Eve Sub Rebel Super Delta Three‘s Eve Sub Rebel (no explanation of the title is offered) starts sounding like a Garbage side project and essentially ends up in a similar vein, with Will (no surnames are offered either) dominating proceedings with his keyboards and Victoria handling the majority of the Shirley Manson-esque vocal work. “JC” plays guitars, but in all honesty there are few of these to be heard over the effects, synths, percussion and vocals.

Whatever, there is some great songwriting here. Where Garbage are happy to hang a song on a single hook and hope that it doesn’t break, Super Delta Three offer several per track.

At times this works very well, ensuring the listener sinks into boredom only as a last resort. But one Garbage trait they do very well is repeating a hook ad nauseum, so we have the same effects-laden 4-bar vocal section repeated so many times one loses count (‘Space Geisha’ and ‘Eve Sub Rebel’ particularly suffer from this). With the vocals so overproduced in places, one still has difficulty hearing the words even then.

Charlie T sounds like a Tori Amos track and that is no bad thing. That Victoria’s voice can bring both Shirley Manson and Ms Amos to mind on one album suggests a bright future in itself. A guitar even appears on this track.

Perhaps with less effects smothering the songs Eve Sub Rebel would be a very different album but, as it stands, when I try to remember any of the songs from it ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ by Garbage keeps forcing its way into my consciousness.

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