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The Faint – Danse Macabre Remixes

(Astralwerks) UK release date: 18 August 2003

The Faint - Danse Macabre Remixes The remix album is always a tricky one, and easy to explain for outfits such as The Orb and Armand Van Helden who have made a name for themselves in remixing, or in the case of people like Steve Reich who have submitted their work for reinterpretation by other artists.

But when it comes to The Faint, it’s easy to detect a stop gap being filled, particularly as they admit on their website that “it will be awhile yet” before the next album.

There’s some impressive names on remix duty here. Paul Oakenfold, Photek, Jacques Lu Cont and Junior Sanchez head the queue, whilst it’s good to see other less known names such as Jagz Kooner and Mojolators included.

Opening up, Lu Cont’s breezy Thin White Duke take on the Conductor grinds to a halt for the vocals, overdoing the strings a tad before normal service is resumed. Then there’s the first mix of Posed To Death, with an inventive mix from The Calculators which is surprisingly annoying!

Oakenfold’s mix of Glass Danse is one of the best things here, a big breakbeat sound emerging from some subtle production touches. Photek’s take on Total Job is very Gary Numan, dark and menacing, always threatening to speed up but never quite moving forward quickly enough. In fact a common theme of the album is that the remixes are curiously undanceable, and for the most part I found my feet rooted to the ground. A good example of this is Jagz Kooner’s take on Agenda Suicide, which is fast but ineffective.

Best beat, by a country mile, is the Mojolators’ four to the floor selection. If the other nine tracks here had half their funk this would be a collection well worth getting. As it is, this Danse Macabre is disjointed, lacks true variety and falls well short of being that rare thing – a good remix album.

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