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Thomas Tantrum – Thomas Tantrum

(Sindy Stroker) UK release date: 25 August 2008

Thomas Tantrum - Thomas Tantrum It’s a complete contradiction how something so throwaway, so utterly disposable can be so essential and important. But that’s exactly what Thomas Tantrum‘s self-titled, flirtatious debut LP is. Its 11 songs of ridiculously catchy, instantly likeable, nay, loveable bubblegum indie pop are like falling for the trendy new girl at school. They will have you bouncing off the walls and learning all the words, like when you were little.

Thomas Tantrum are four friends from Southampton with a penchant for perfect pop songs. The standard line up of 2x guitar, 1x bass, and drums is simple, but from said instruments bound boisterous, unabashed catchiness, and engaging songcraft.

The band have found recent popularity on the underground scene, blasting their way to glory with songs such as What What What, Swan Lake (Thomas Tantrum’s stomping accidental parody of the Tchaikovsky piece), and Shake It! Shake It!, an indie pop gem and modern classic in waiting if ever there was. All of this initial MySpace artillery is present on the debut.

Thomas Tantrum’s ace card is their frontwoman, Megan Thomas. Not only does she have a completely sassy and utterly beautiful delivery, but she is teeming with personality and charisma. Her playful, Bristolian meets Cockney delivery draws you in from the off, and her creative vocal melodies and often witty lyricism (“I thought you were weird, but it’s just the way you talk funny” – Mum’s The Word) are massively engaging. See Blasé for a vocal delivery that takes on a complete life of its own.

Add to this the raw, unravelling, infectious guitar melodies, and throbbing rhythm section and Thomas Tantrum are a more than attractive proposition. Highlights include Shake It! Shake It!, Trust Rhymes With Crust, where the energetic Tantrum slow the pace and spout heart-wrenching melodies, and current single Work It, a chugging, sexy, intelligent pop song, which again exemplifies Thomas’ originality and utter cool as frontwoman over David Miatt’s fidgety and ever-melodic guitar lines. See also epic album closer Pshandy for romping foray into stomping blues.

Here is a band who make writing perfect pop songs sound like the easiest thing in the world. Thomas Tantrum are like a rambunctious toddler, pompously beating its own chest with bravado and childish naivety, demanding attention from its elders. And attention they shall get. Long may this Tantrum continue.

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Thomas Tantrum – Thomas Tantrum