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Various – Annie: DJ Kicks

(!K7) UK release date: 17 October 2005

Annie doesn’t see herself as a natural DJ in the mixing sense, certainly not one that mixes records with flawless precision. Rather, it’sabout the choice of songs, the overall flow of the music and the personality of the jock in question and these three principles all comeacross in her set for !K7’s reliably good DJ Kicks series.

Part of her endearingly child-like personality is immediately evoked in Toy Rabbit‘s Pushing Mover, a jaunty start. Still another comesacross in the nonsense lyrics of Le Tigre and Bumblebee United that crop up later on.

As is customary in this series, the DJ contributes one or more exclusive productions of their own, and in this case Annie delivers the twistedgroove of Wedding, its punchline “will you marry me?”, whereas later on she asks, “Gimme your money” on the track of the same name. Hmmm, I’msensing a theme here…

Meanwhile there’s plenty of funk – Zongamin see to that almost single-handedly, then an impressive Elvis takeoff on Alan Vega‘s riotous Jukebox Babe, and also melodic synth pop in the form of La Blonda‘s robotic I Wanna Be Your Lover.

There’s even room for angst, courtesy of DFA 1979, whose Black History Month gets a powerful remix from Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, for me the most affecting track on the selection. This is also the point where the mix threatens to self destruct, an extended burst of distorted effects from Motiivi: Tuntematon splitting the mix in two but almost losing the rhythmic thread.

Not that this bothers the carefree Annie, whose sunny disposition comes out to play once more in her choice of Brundtland & Therson‘sGeared Up, heading out on the electronica tip once more with a chilled vibe.

Towards the end there’s an astonishing twenty seconds of Mu, containing a good impersonation of a cockerel on speed, then the mix endswith the enjoyable, throwaway lyrics of Datarock‘s Fa Fa Fa.

Hard evidence, then, that you don’t have to be an accomplished mixer or know your cross faders to be a good DJ. Sure, the music occasionallylurches from one track to the next, but this proves to be rather endearing, ensuring a human element remains. What’s clear here is that Annie justwants to have fun, and if we want to join her, we’re most welcome at the party.

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