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Various – Two Thousand And Ace: Brainlove Records

(Brainlove) UK release date: 4 August 2008

Two Thousand And Ace: Brainlove Records Since 2003, Brainlove records have been releasing albums that no-one else will: bands considered by some to be too avant-garde, too leftfield for mainstream label interest. Their latest compilation offering Two Thousand And Ace does nothing to deviate from this noble tradition.

The album of 27 songs starts with a romp stonker from Manchester’s Cats In Paris called And Ugly which blasts synth growls and grooves to effect. Their fuzzy multi-layered strop pop introduces the albums themes nicely, eclectic and sharp.

Pseudo Nippon‘s Constellation Jebubu offering is a gorgeous litany of Japanese twitches and Afrogarage by Genevan 6-piece Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp’s touts glorious post punk orchestra, the raucous Zappa tinged mid-way guitar solo delighting.

Most of the bands’ names on this album might be unpronounceable, but this isn’t a CD full of high art avant-garde, these are dance tunes, sing-along tunes. Chargr by Norfolk’s Bearsuit is riotously divine, Slag Rabbit‘s Fleur De Lis offers mesmeric beats and Deadsinger‘s grandesque orchestral Finger is sublime climactic rock and roll.

There are also some beautiful songs, with Junkplanet 2‘s lovely offering The Half Life and Alice Music‘s soft and gentle In My High Heart There’s A Fox Dying. The album also features several Brainlove stalwarts like Applicants, Keyboard Choir and Napoleon IIIrd.

In ways the spirit of this album pays homage to unsung heroes like The Uroonies and The Monotony Commission and it’s delightful to hear bands making music for music’s sake – fun and playful escapade rather than for pop pounds.

Experimentation is lacking in modern popular music but Two Thousand And Ace is essential summer listening. Tap your toes, twitch your wiggle, it’s teasingly wonderful. It’s also limited edition, so buy it quick.

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