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We Will Be Pilots – This Is What You Fight For

(Captains Of Industry) UK release date: 14 March 2005

Fourteen minutes? Fourteen minutes? But I was just starting to likeyou. Leaving the customer always wanting more is one of the corediktats of entertainment and on this mini-album / maxi-single (single,album?) We Will Be Pilots pay close attention to that basic commandment.

Six tracks of punky intent, sneered vocals and anger all carefully arrangedto come in, cause a bit of trouble, then piss off less than quarter ofan hour later.

Punky? Sneery? Angry? You think I’m going to mention something aboutJohn Lydon now don’t you. Well, I’m not. So hah! You are left wonderingwhether the vocalist did something to offend his bandmates though,because it sounds like his contribution was recorded via megaphone. In adifferent room. It adds to the aesthetic though, and the whole gloriousmess sounds vaguely emo except devoid the bouts of maudlinself-inspection that nobody really likes anyway and with the energy levels ampedtowards the heavens.

Geisha probably stands up highest, sounding like the Pixiesbeing pushed down a hill, guitars gaining buzzy momentum until the bigfiery end where they crash into a deep ravine leaving limbs andinstruments strewn everywhere. It also has a fantastically nonsensical shout of”I am a Geisha”, which I severely doubt. Although it could bemetaphorical, or explained later on. It’s muffled lyrics versus my poor hearingagain.

Six tracks, equates to half an album. Half an album equates to halfa review, in my world, so that’s all you’re getting. But you don’treally need anymore as, like the record, I’ve said all I’ve got to say inhalf the time. Worth fighting for? Maybe not quite yet, but definitelyworth signing the petition and asking to be kept updated over any newdevelopments.

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We Will Be Pilots – This Is What You Fight For