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Will Richards – Ready To Talk Now

(Will Richards) UK release date: 19 January 2009

Cat Stevens in the process.

Things fall apart alarmingly on Sweet & Lonely Lullabies, with wah-wah guitars and sweeping keyboards flooding into what is really just a basic four square pop song, before it all goes a bit Freebird at the end.

Richards carries on down the funk route on The Colour Of Money, another largely inconsequential track, before reverting to acoustic balladeer mode on the closing She’s In Love With Me.

Sometimes, the anything goes approach to music that is fashionable these days just works against the natural instincts of an artist. All too often the listener is left wishing for some good old-fashioned record company interference to allow Richards’ indubitable talent to shine through the morass of wildly different musical styles that bog down this album.

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Will Richards – Ready To Talk Now