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36 Crazyfists @ Islington Academy, London

24 April 2007

36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists

As a young pup nearby me christened the floor of the Islington academy with some of his stomach lining and cheap cider I took the opportunity to walk around this venue, this being a new one to me. Taking a gander upstairs to the mezzanine level, which offers very convenient views of the stage, I wasn’t entirely sure that the comfy sofas, flat-screen televisions, red neon lights and chiffonesque ceiling adornments would quite be ready for aural pummelling that was about to begin.

Twelve Tribes hail from Ohio and have been touring partners with 36 Crazyfists on a number of tours and, given the strength of their performance tonight, the choice was fully justified. Their brand of metalcore struck an instant down tuned chord with the audience, who gleefully circle pitted under the direction of Adam Jackson (who has the best dreds this side of In Flames) while songs from their latest product, Midwest Pandemic were aired. If you like yer core then check them out and get the album, cos its rather peachy

While the popularity of the fists grows in the UK, album sales of their latest opus Rest Inside the Flames in their native US have not been stellar (surely some Americans must have good taste..? No? ok maybe not then), their affinity with the UK is scrawled across their grins of pride as new songs are blasted out alongside the old. The Heart And The Shape is a killer tune, bridging melodic choruses for the vocal parts of the crowd and speeding riffs fervently whipping up the already active pit.

Between songs there was little banter but instead a quiet softness descended from the intensity of the songs, which felt like a collective acknowledgement of exhaustion from the band and the crowd. Brock Lindow even admitted that maybe these Alaskan lard-asses need to work out some more.

Due to the climbing heat levels the venue was attentively handing out water to all, but spillage was turning the wooden floor into an episode of Dancing on Ice where instead of celebs flailing their limbs and gasping for publicity oxygen, the pitees flailed and gasped for the real stuff.

The show ripped through the eyes and ears of the throng, Midnight Swim and The Skin And Atmosphere were great karaoke-a-longs, and Slit Wrist Theory was always going to be shouted for when asked, the band dutifully closing with this most requested number. It was only a 50 minute headlining set, and although earlier on that week some people ran the London marathon to loose a few kilos in body fluids, one could always go to a 36 Crazyfists gig and achieve a very similar result, although some of those bodily fluids could well be claret coloured..

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