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Blood Red Shoes @ Crobar, London

26 November 2009

Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes have released a free download called Colours Fade, the first fruits of their forthcoming second album. It was cause enough to get out and road test some of that new material.

Having said they were looking forward to playing a smaller venue, Laura-Mary Carter and Steve Ansell may have found the 70-capacity Crobar a little on the miniature side. It seemed to be well over its 70 capacity; we all knew each other a lot better by the end of the set, but spilt drinks, squashed toes and drunk students aren’t a good combination. Throw into the mix the fact that anyone more than six feet from the stage couldn’t see the band at all and there were audible grumbles and early exits.

A brief introduction and minimal chat indicated this was definitely all about the music. A 40-minute ride on a tidal wave of twitchy, high-level enthusiasm from a band who managed to belt out some heavy duty stuff whilst looking like they should be presenting Blue Peter.

With one album already under their belt and a second in the offing they treated the crowd to some old favourites as well as some new material, with the highlight being new single Colours Fade. As the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it – so they’ve simply cranked it up to a new level with a seven minute behemoth of a track that really managed to raise the rafters.

If you get the opportunity to see these two live then it’s one you should take, although stout footwear is definitely recommended.

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