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Clor @ Fusion & Foundry, University, Sheffield

22 September 2005



At a time when technology seems to be changing the way we listen to music, it’s not surprising that many of tonight’s devoted Fuzz Club crowd are hereto simply see the hyped-up trendy band behind those cute Lego-man style videos. The fact that it is Freshers’ Week and Steve Lamacq is watching from the side of the stage further induces the jumping-the-bandwagon indie clique to really get excited.

Sheffield-based French duo The Lovers warm up the evening with their own bizarre yet endearing electropop, dividing the crowd and paving the quirky footpath for Brixton-based Clor. The synth beats of the headline band are delicious at first, with a sprinkling of Devo yet a unique twist of originality.

Fusing primitive rhythms and trance-like vocals, it’s sometimes hard to remember where one song ended and the other started. Without sounding too much like an old age pensioner, to an untrained ear, much of Clor’s likeable music can sometimes sound a tad too similar.

But, credit where credit is due, single Love & Pain makes you want to dance and cry at the same time due to its peculiar, fast-paced yet melancholic electro guitar. Outsiders is rather fitting for tonight – all about finding love at your local indie disco.

Sadly, Clor seem to have lost many of their listeners for exactly that reason. You can spot the ones who haven’t yet copped off as they’re counting their change and saving up for Clor’s October release of their anticipated GoodStuff single. They’ll work out a dance routine to this little number to use when they next see someone that takes their fancy.

So by the end of their set, one question remains unanswered. Is it better to spend a student loan on watching Clor live, or easier to watch one of their music videos? With students not known for splashing their cash and top-up fees just around the corner, perhaps things aren’t looking too bright for the live band of the moment.

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