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Hybrasil + Rebus + Kingsize: Club OMH @ Luminaire, London

23 April 2006



Take two bands into the shower? No, here at Club OMH our team of expert musicologists recommend a trio of musical acts to keep you entertained on a Sunday evening. So while some were still staggering around 26.2 miles of central London dressed as a cartoon pig, those in the know headed for Time Out’s venue of the year to see three new up-and-coming bands on leg two of the live extravagance that is Club OMH.

First up, native East Londoners Kingsize. Playing outside of their Shoreditch stronghold, having already built up quite a reputation there, and cheerfully admitting that this was the soberest they had ever been before a set, the punky four piece rattled through a set of guttersnipe oik-rock with considerable style and gusto. Which all goes to show, you can take the boys out of Dalston etc. etc…

It’s not an easy thing to do considering the glut of pale imitations we’ve been forced to wade through, but possessing songs like The Daze with its ever evolving time signature and the endlessly catchy Rock’N’Roll Dreams, they manage to capturing the freewheeling spirit of the blessed Libertines‘, while not just regurgitating Pete & Carl’s every move. Ones to keep a beady little eye on.

Next, the hotly tipped Rebus. XFM love ’em. Steve Lamacq loves ’em. And after a spiky performance full of blood, sweat and, uh, synths, The Luminaire was feeling pretty darn amorous towards them too.

Particularly impressive the angular Sorry, which has a cutting edge of a guitars that just feel poised over the neck of the charts ready to strike, and the drivingly incessant Promises. It was the sort of performance that’ll have people like The Automatic chewing the carpet with worry. “Dance, damn you!”, Rebus say, and dance we we damn well did.

Headlining tonight, Wicklow’s finest: Hybrasil. Making the long trip from Ireland to be here, and not disappointing in the slightest. Coming off like LCD Soundsystem minus the annoying hipster irony, and plus a head full of Guinness and a bellyful of songs that couldn’t fail to get even the most disillusioned of gig-goer grinning. With lead singer John ‘Spud’ Murphy leaping around smashing a cowbell like it had said things about his mother, and the driving rhythm of We Got Music and God Bless The Devil ringing out, it was a fittingly impressive way to end the night.

And that was that. Club OMH leg two done and dusted. Roll on number three…

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Hybrasil + Rebus + Kingsize: Club OMH @ Luminaire, London