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Cooperbrown @ 100 Club, London

25 October 2001

The sound of Cooper Brown erupted through the ancient PA system at this Oxford Street haunt. They opened with ‘Sinner’. Heavy bass riffs and strong vocal harmonies defined what was to come.

Like Me Like I Like You was followed by Glint, an infectious, punky number with something a little sinister in its tone.

Weighty bass and drums gave substance to the passion in Annoying. Bill Brown’s menacing vocals were somehow shocking. A slight and unassuming figure, he released a fearsome growl.

The songs that followed were sudden, fast and frantic. Mosh pit action would have ensued if there had been any space.

Sixteen was like Nirvana‘s Nevermind with more edge. The best of the set, this had a catchy melody, chunky chords and extreme energy.

Darkness and suspense followed with Maybe You Maybe Her, and Not Your Day was the down-beat conclusion.

The songs were all characterised by a distinct style, yet each marked a shift in temperament.

In general, the feel was more Blink 182 than Motorhead. But Cooper Brown’s three-minute pop-rock creations were inspired by heroes of metal, grunge, indie and classic rock. The result? Tunes that were abrupt, intense and forceful. Coopersound tore through the shabby basement like a wrecking ball.

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Cooperbrown @ 100 Club, London