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Do Me Bad Things @ Barfly, London

25 October 2004

The Barfly is not one of London’s more exclusive venues so the double-backed queue inside screams hype. A motley crowd sees metal heads mixing with plastered-down fringe pretty boys, all more than just a little keen to see the rock press’ latest tip for the top. A shame that no one yet knows it’ll be a good three hours before they even catch a glimpse of their new idols.

Opening, to a less than half full venue, The Answer are Ireland’s solution to Led Zeppelin jamming with The Black Crowes, with track Cold being the highlight of their set.

Fans of Kate proudly claim to be “a haircut band from London”, and predictably that’s as good as it gets. Whiny songs played by well meaning, but uninspiring, musicians provide little entertainment for a crowd clearly waiting for the band that have been hyped. Thankfully their set is soon over but the waiting isn’t, as yet another support band, Mellowdrone, are wheeled on at well past their stage time, in response to which, the bar downstairs is mobbed.

Finally, taking to the stage no earlier than 10.55pm (what happened to school nights!?), the estranged ninesome look as annoyed to be there as their fans are that they’re late. More sound checks delay the band further, resulting in them standing sheepishly on stage, clearly wishing they were somewhere else.

At last the lights go out, and the applause begins. Just as most shows across town are finishing, Do Me Bad Things strike up their first chords for an apology of the highest order; an astounding version of current single Time for Deliverance, with blistering sound and awesome vocals. As the Barfly floor heaves under the strain of many a bouncing adolescent, it would seem that all is forgiven.

The band have a unique dynamic, with the young Nicoli Prowse posing and strutting about like a camp Mick Jagger, a scruffy faced figure called ‘The Woods’ who growls like a grizzly and the divine Chantal Dillusional who cements their eclectic mix of rock and soul with a wail that would send Beyonce back to school.

Like a twisted concoction of The Commitments and Aretha Franklin on tour with The Hellacopters and The Darkness in popularity and quality, provided they manage to deflate their egos just a little and tighten up the shoddy choreography that currently exists.

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