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Ella Eyre @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

10 October 2014

Ella Eyre To be a pop star there are certain things you need to consider. First of all, there’s the all important stage presence. Secondly, you must be able to entertain a crowd for an unfeasible amount of time, with an energetic, glitzy show. It also helps to have a powerful set of lungs. You could carry on reading our guide on how to be a great popstar – or you could see it in action at Ella Eyre‘s show.

Eyre’s rise to stardom in the last 12 months has been mesmerising. She first garnered chart attention singing on Rudimental‘s hit, Waiting All Night, and before that, just over a year ago, she played this same stage as a relatively unknown support act to Bastille. So tonight feels extra sweet for her; as the main attraction she’s sold out the venue, without even an LP to her name.

Sauntering on to the stage in a fantastic catsuit, it is impossible to take your eyes off her. At the front of the stage, a huge number of photographers follow her every move, flashing their cameras from all angles. But the intense presence of paps does not seem to have any effect on Eyre, as she simply carries on with the show, performing only for the few thousand people who have stumped up to see her homecoming.

It’s not her incredible mane of hair or the catsuit that takes centre stage though – she’s also got a hell of a voice. Throughout songs like Wrong About Me and Typical Me, she performs with such energy, it’s almost exhausting to watch. She dances, shakes and elegantly moves her body, but all the time every note is spot on, and she sings like there’s no tomorrow.

She also has attitude, and that’s what makes her stand out from so many of the talent show popstars of today. Her songs read like advice to her younger self, offering up tips on getting over old flames, and are brooding with femininity and fire. There’s a sassiness in her performance that leaves every woman in the room wanting to be her.

The show is perfectly pitched. The energy rises and rises as the songs continue. A special moment comes with her cover of We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off, a song which cues a mega ‘phones-in-the-air’ moment, and has every member of the audience on their feet singing their hearts out. Waiting All Night also pinpoints a moment when the level of energy, and Eyre’s synergy with the crowd, is incredibly powerful. Eyre seems nothing short of determined to make sure that every person in this room will have as much fun as she is.

However, the night belongs to her latest single Comeback, which sees the Empire become Eyre’s party. It’s a statement performance that shows that Eyre deserves every success that comes her way. She is a true pop songstress who tonight proved she has all bases covered, each box ticked, and it seems there’s going to be no stopping her.

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Ella Eyre @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London