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Enter Shikari @ BBC Radio Theatre, London

6 June 2007

New Kids On The Block. Were this bandset up like Panic! At The Disco? Latest single Jonny Sniper is almostpoppy enough to be a boy band hit.

Throughout the show, the drummer keeps the rave aesthetic going bywearing a thousand yard stare and a frankly frightening series offacial expressions which veer from ‘I’ve got a brand new combineharvester’ to ‘I’m going to kill your entire family’. But there aremetal moments as well, with human pyramids, stage diving and walls ofnoise.

It’s fun and it’s frivolous. And although it seems a bithead-scratching at times, Enter Shikari’s musical manifesto isactually not as ‘new’ as some would have you believe: Pitchshifterhave been pulling the same stunt for 13 years.

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