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Flying Lotus @ Lightbox, London

2 April 2009

With little more than 30 minutes before doors open, it seemed like a cruel and ironic twist of fate that the block housing tonight’s sold out Flying Lotus show should experience a complete and total blackout. Even more ironic, considering this event was to take place at London’s trendy Lightbox club, a venue boasting custom made panels of over 15,000 separated LED lights.

Thankfully, this was no New York Blackout of 2003. Within the hour Vauxhall was fully lit and back in business, 15,000 LEDs and all, and ready for Warp-signed DJ and producer Stephen Ellison’s appearance.

Before then, the night was kicked off by Kode9, the man responsible for signing Burial, who dropped a set of minimal and dubstep, including fresh cuts from Burial himself. Walls were adorned with LED formations of the Hyperdub logo which flashed and rotated in time with the ample bass.

Flying Lotus follows and his presence on stage is welcomed by a cheer from the revellers. He has a way of hyping the crowd; he’s all smiles, fists pumping in the air – even when he cuts the set to silence to introduce the next track (as he occasionally does) he still has the crowd eating from his hand.

His set lurches from genre to genre, mixing everything from Radiohead through to Burial and the mixed electro, hip hop, and dubstep beats of his own material. Highly recommended.

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