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Goldfinger @ Garage, London

13 May 2002

I have to start this off with an admission. I am a fan of Goldfinger and have been this sorry way for about three years. I saw them at the Astoria last year and have even got drummer Darrin Michael Pfieffer’s cover album Darrins’ Coconut Ass. I’d tell you this doesn’t make me biased but, well, I’d be lying.

I was expecting this gig to be a practice session for their new material, an “Is this shit? Will they like it?” session. But it turned out to be a nostalgia fest. Talking to lead singer John Feldman after the show (lovely, cuddly man) he admitted that they don’t actually know all their new songs, the two they played being the only ones really ready for anyone to hear live.

The songs were quite distinct from material released on their previous albums. As the years have gone on they’ve become progressively harsher, veering away from the ska and reggae influence and more towards their punk roots. The songs were met well by the crowd and the band let loose a little with some high jumps and acrobatic lunacy. This is pretty sensational if you consider the size of The Garage, which boasts more space for the toilets than the stage.

It seems Goldfinger’s entire London fan club are here. Everybody knows all the words, everyones shouting out requests for their favourite song. It’s a bit of a Goldfinger love-in. They can do no wrong. At one point a sweaty, excited Feldman, after having introduced the band periodically throughout the set, introduces his Coke can. To this blatantly affectionate crowd this alone was enough to bring a (hesitant) round of applause and obvious amusement. How they mock and tease!

Crowd surfers were a bit too much. I’m a small girl – it’s only the years of moshing that have hardened my muscles to the point where I can throw the fuckers off the back of my neck. But the band loved it. For pretty much the only time they actually talked to the crowd, they told us how glad they were to be here, a place where somebody knew who they were.

They played a tight set; no faffing intros, no playful banter with the crowd. Old favourites and audience participation abounded. And for me, i’ve got to say that it was just fine.

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Goldfinger @ Garage, London