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Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Carling Live 24 @ Canvas, London

28 April 2006

It’s getting late, the pubs have begun to kick out and there’s somethingodd about wading through Kings Cross at midnight to get to a gig. With Goldie Lookin’ Chainnot on stage till 2am I could have been forgiven for thinking I’d got thethin end of the Carling Live 24 wedge. However, straight after setting footin Canvas (nee Bagleys) I knew I was in store for a good night.

After a fairly low-key knob twiddling support act, the Welsh collectivefinally hit the stage at 2am amid mounting excitement. Everyone was there for a good time and we weren’t disappointed. Withinseconds of arriving on stage Adam Hussein promised us that they were readyto get “Club 18-30” on our asses – which they certainly did.

Recently, it’s been a roller coaster of a time for the GLC crew butMaggot’s flirtation with celebrity doesn’t appear to have changed the bandin any way. The fans are still out in force and the poison chalice of aDavina McCall interview doesn’t seem to have had any effect on theircredibility. And there’d be no journalists fromHello magazine in the crowd – they’d be off to see The Ordinary Boys the next day.

It’s difficult to pigeon hole GLC. Are they an individual hip-hop voiceor just an out of control novelty act? Who cares when they’re so damnentertaining. The late hour didn’t seem to have hampered the crew. Wewere treated to a hour of frenetic bouncing up and down: Put your hands overyour ears and it would almost have been like watching an ASBO themedexercise video. And ittakes a special kind of performance the get a whole crowd chanting “yourmother’s got a penis” at 3am. Their most popular hits, along with material from their last album, were well received by the Carling fuelled crowd.

For a band currently homeless after being dumped by their label it seemedlike business as usual. The same playful attitude is displayed and, hopefully,a more favourable record deal is waiting in the wings. They may have theircritics, but it’d be a shame if Goldie Lookin’ Chain drop off the radar.

Clearly intended to lure in the after hours clubbing crowd, this leg of Carling Live 24 also included rooms devoted to indie disco andbroken beats. But the real discovery of the night was Steve Lamacq’s PunkRock Karaoke where punters from the crowd were encouraged to join a liveband for a selection of classics – I arrived in the room to see one guybelting out Ace of Spaces as if his life depended on it and I was hooked formost of the night. It’s unlikely to produce any stars of tomorrow but it’s ablindingly simple idea which makes stupendous entertainment. It’s well worthchecking out their residency at the Garage if you can.

And before I knew it the night had finished and it was back to KingsCross for “the night bus challenge”. To those who made it to breakfast atThe Proud Gallery – I salute you.

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